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All what you need for your own Minecraft server webstore. No hidden fees. Made by Humans.

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  • Free 1 year Support
  • Future 1 year Updates
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Branding Removal

$69 USD
  • Single License

Branding Removal

$ 69

Frequent questions

1. What do I receive after purchase?

You will receive a license key after purchase that pointed to your domain. MineStore license is pointed to your webstore domain not your Virtual Server IP.

3. What does self-hosted means?

It means that you need to install MineStore (automatically by installer script) on your own hardware (Virtual Server). You can install it on any server (Pterodactyl compatible).

5. Is it hard to manage MineStore?

Not at all. It is very easy, and you can get knowledge by following our documentation.

2. Are you looking for a partnership?

Yes, we always open for partnership offers (collaboration, bulk licenses and other offers).
Reach our support here.

4. Do you have a refund policy?

No, since the items the customer receive when purchasing are Digital Intangible Items, we uphold a strict no refund policy.
You can find more in our Terms of Service.