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Dont struggle anymore with paying monthly fees

Unique Design
From the moment of purchase, you get a quality Premium template for free. There is no need to pay extra for a beautiful template.

Automatic Updates

You also get free updates with your purchase. You don't even need to download anything. One button and you're in the game.

Automatic Updates

You also get free updates with your purchase. You don't even need to download anything. One button and you're in the game.

Simple Installation

An automatic installer will help you install MineStore in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is execute 3 commands and wait 3 minutes.

Create your Theme

MineStore provides you access to all sources and files. We don`t limit you with anything. Your MineStore website is limited only with your fantasy. Very flexible unique default template allows to create your own masterpieces.


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There are plenty of additional features to discover

One-Time Fee
You pay once and get your self-hosted Minecraft donation webstore. Along with this, you get future updates, as well as some support from the developers.
Strong Security
Using modern development frameworks gives you strong protection against hacking your site. But all the precautions, passwords are up to you.
Unique Design
Beautiful, modern, easy-to-edit design. Allows you to display the site even on your phone, tablet and even TV. You can also change it.
Easy Installation
Upon purchase, you get an automatic installer that installs all the software on your server. You will need to run the script and follow the instructions.
Privacy Security
Using modern technologies allows your users to use the site safely, without fear for their private data.
Payment Methods
We have 17 payment gateways: PayPal, G2APay, CoinPayments (Crypto), 2Checkout, Paymentwall, Stripe, Mollie Payments, PayTM, GoPay, MercadoPago, CashFree, RazorPay and a lot more.

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Minecraft Server Network

Overerall my experience with minestore has been very positive. The developers have been more than willing to help solve any bugs or answer any questions about the product itself. Minestore also offers tons of features that free solutions don`t have or require a subscription to access.


AuraMC & CEO of McSetups.dk

I think the idea behind MineStore is the best thing about it. Simple, beautiful, self-hosted webstore. This is the ideal store platform for a professional minecraft network.


Minecraft Network

I am totally relieved that Minestore has created or invented an online store for Minecraft servers and with it I can perfectly sell ranks, upgrades, ingame money and much more and all that unconditionally and stress-free! Minestore has a super nice support team and should I ever have a critical problem someone helped and so the problem was solved. I couldn't pay the full price to buy a Minestore key and I made a good deal with the owner and I trusted him and he trusted me and it all worked out accordingly and I am happy with it. I can only recommend you!