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Some solid facts

Let the numbers speak about us

USD in Transactions
Years of Development

You Control Everything

Self-Hosted Solution

The crucial difference between our competitors is that you pay once and get a product you host yourself on your hardware. You are not limited with accessibility to the code and can make your store unique.

Easy Start

Ready to Use from the Box

Easy installation. Unique design. Easy customization. Premium features. You get everything at once, without any restrictions. Right off the box.

Customize packages


Variables are additional information that you can request from users. It can be any type of information: dynamic text or dropdown with static values. Anything because you are in control of everything.

Custom Permissions

Manage Team Members

Create custom users with specific rights to edit, view, and delete content. Give access to modules only what you want.

Featured Packages

Promote specific packages through categories advertising, marking packages as featured. Or select packages that will be marked as recommended when the user checkout.


Statistics is a critical source of information for you. It gives you a complete insight into your store with numbers. You can find top products, top servers, top categories, and much more.

Comparison Categories

This is a category containing comparison articles. A comparison article deals with similar topics where differences are displayed and examined.

Payment Gateways

You can use MineStore almost everywhere because we have 17+ worldwide and local payment gateways.

Fraud Protection

The security of your business is our priority !

Detecting System

We have developed a unique system that will allow you to uniquely identify chargebacks and fraud in your store. Our tests had shown that amount of chargebacks decreased by 70% at the beggining.

We use a neural network that, with the help of an algorithm and data, allows us to predict a fraudster.

Neural Network

We analyze information from all MineStore stores and our neural network will help you to detect fraudster.

Auto Chargeback Evidence

We automatically generate evidence that you can provide to the payment system in the event of a dispute with your buyer.

Custom Protection

Customize the protection for yourself, ban certain countries, increase the entry barrier, ban the user, the user's whitelist - do what you want, we do not prohibit customizing your protection.

Banlists & Whitelists

You can always add user to the banlist or whitelist. It could help you to customize accessibility for your customers.


Wait, there's more

There are plenty of additional features to discover

We support two different "Tax Modes". It is allowing you to specify if the product prices you provide should be considered to be inclusive or exclusive of VAT.
Coupons & Giftcards
Coupons and giftcards is a good way to increase your sales. Activating the coupon will make % off for purchase. Giftcards are used as additional wallet with a balance.
Your sales are going down? Then you have to make a sale. It is a special even that will drop the price for your packages. You can create it in one-click.
Easy Installation
Upon purchase, you get an automatic installer that installs all the software on your server. You will need to run the script and follow the instructions.
Cumulative Packages
This feature allows you to give users discounts based on the packages they bought earlier for category. Just set the option and MineStore will do everything!
MineStore self-hosted stores are work on REST API. Your store has special endpoints that could be useful for your custom products based on MineStore!
We have implemented this feature that allows you to create a new user with specific permissions to "view/edit/delete" elements on your store.
Player Referrals
The player referral feature allows customers to specify who referred them to your webstore. It allows you to track how many referrals were invited by the referrer.
You always dream about store integration and Discord server? Now you can receive payment notifications directly to your Discord server.
The variable feature allows to request the custom information from the customer. You could request, for example, which prefix for the VIP rank customer want.
Subscriptions are the easiest way to create the temporary ranks (or perks) for your server. It allows you to automatically initiate recurring payment periodically.
Different Delivery Methods
We have 3 delivery methods, and you can use any of them: Plugin (Listener & Socket) and RCON. Every delivery method has own peculiarities.